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Mary’s Messages

Coming Out of the Dark
Mary Southerland seemed to have it all until clinical depression brought her world crashing down. She found herself paralyzed and unable to function at home or in ministry. Experience Mary’s story of deliverance through this practical message designed to help every man, woman, or child who battles depression learn to:

  • Change a negative thought life into positive, healthy thought patterns.
  • Control and use the power of emotions to avoid erratic mood swings.
  • Establish friendships that replenish and manage draining ones.
  • Re-set priorities to have a more balanced life.

Sandpaper People
The unwanted intrusion of a nosy neighbor…the exasperating antics of the teenager who constantly pushes your buttons…the infuriating behavior of a co-worker…Mary Southerland has encountered her share of abrasive people.

  • Learning how to deal with those people God’s way has changed Mary’s life. Imagine if you could:Learn how to confront in a constructive way to make your relationships more meaningful.
  • Discipline your responses to difficult people to eliminate their control in your life.
    Address the sandpaper tendencies in your own life to become more compassionate.
  • Chapter-by-chapter questions, applications and journaling suggestions will guide you to the place where you can see your sandpaper people for what they are: opportunities from God to grow…while being transformed in the process.

Getting Good at Being You
It’s been said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission!” Then, why do we struggle to understand who we are, why we were created, and our purpose in life? Insecurity and fear paralyzed Mary Southerland until she discovered how to realize her God-given potential. This insightful message will help you:

  • Experience victory over painful circumstances by cultivating the right attitude and responses to pain.
  • Learn to establish goals that will empower you to live a life of influence.
  • Use past failures to insure future success.

Laugh More…Live Better
Mary Southerland swam against an undercurrent of unhappiness until she discovered that she was created for joy! “Laugh More…Live Better” is a refreshing message filled with humor and godly principles that will empower you to:

  • Minimize “joy-stealers” in your life, such as stress, unrealistic expectations and harmful relationships.
  • Relish the benefits of joy, such as healing, strength, relaxation, and encouragement.
  • Adjust your focus to appreciate the small wonders that each day holds.

How to Avoid the Pits of Life
Mary Southerland knows from experience that life is filled with many kinds of pits; the loss of parents, sexual abuse, clinical depression, health challenges – but has emerged from each pit with a deeper joy and greater strength. In this message, Mary will help you learn how to:

  • Direct and train your thoughts in order to prevent chaos and defeat and encourage peace and victory in your daily life
  • Use your words as tools instead of weapons in order to build healthy relationships
  • Deal with sin in order to avoid the painful life consequences of disobedience to God
  • Identify and eliminate wrong habits that result in stress
  • Learn how to find joy in the midst of sorrow

Strength for the Storm
Storms are a reality of life. How can we face and weather each storm without drowning? Mary Southerland is no stranger to storms and has learned how through them with joy. Mary shares fresh strategies for handling difficult times to help you:

  • Control your fear of the unknown in order to enjoy life today.
  • Choose a perspective of joy that will enable you to face each storm with strength and victory.
  • Identify the purpose of storms so you can process that purpose, producing lasting, powerful changes in your life.

Love that Never Fails
True love doesn’t collapse under pressure or fall apart in the hard times. How can we experience and practice that kind of love? Mary shares her story and explains how to define, discover, and experience unconditional love. Her message will help you choose:

  • Commitment, instead of comfort, to experience enduring relationships.
  • Forgiveness over revenge to control anger.
  • Sacrifice, instead of self-indulgence, to become more giving.
  • Confrontation, rather than retreat, to deal with and successfully resolve conflict.

The Power of Forgiveness
When we are wounded or betrayed, our first reaction may be to “get even”. In “The Power of Forgiveness”, Mary Southerland offers five steps we can take in order to shut down destructive emotions and encourage godly responses to those who hurt us.

  • Discover the true meaning of forgiveness in order to repair old relationships and build healthy new ones
  • Learn how to take the initiative in the forgiveness process in order to guard against bitterness and anger
  • Understand that forgiveness is not a feeling, but a deliberate choice that fuels solid relationships
  • Give yourself permission to let go of hurt so you can be set free to move on
  • Commit to making forgiveness an emotional habit, a mental gear and a spiritual discipline

Stepping Out in Faith
As a pastor’s wife, Mary Southerland found it easier to play religious games and hide behind masks. One day, she was too tired to go on and was forced to step out in faith. Experience the story of how Mary’s life was totally redefined with God-confidence. Her message will help you:

  • Learn how God’s promises can strengthen your faith and weaken your doubts
  • Eliminate emotional masks in order to discover and revel in your true identity
  • Identify and remove the sources of fear in your life in order to develop and attitude of trust

I Have a Hope
We all have hopes and dreams that motivate us and give life meaning. Disappointment comes when those hopes and dreams are measured only in human terms. In her message, “I Have a Hope”, Mary Southerland lists five ways we can prepare for and face the unknown with certainty:

  • Accept the reality that life on earth is short and learn to appreciate the wonders that each day holds
  • Avoid presumption about the future in order to cultivate daily habits that encourage faith in God
  • Choose to trust God’s plan for tomorrow and experience peace today
  • Do what you know to do today in order to avoid procrastination

The rest of your marriage can be the best of your marriage…if you are willing to identify and meets the needs of your mate. In this hilarious and powerful message, Dan and Mary Southerland will lead you to:

  • Identify the five main needs in your mate’s life and make a plan for meeting those needs
  • Open new lines of communication in your marriage relationship in order to bring healing and restoration
  • Pinpoint five ways to express your love for your mate…in a language he or she will understand

How to Have a Joy-Filled Christmas
Do you dread the Christmas holidays? After a particular miserable holiday season, Mary Southerland went on a diligent search to experience a joy-filled Christmas. The truth she discovered will help you enjoy wonderful holiday season as you:

  • Learn how to prevent and control stress during the holidays.
  • Give God the gifts He wants to receive from you.
  • Discover and give ten wonderful gifts without spending a penny!

What Kids Need Most in a Mom
As a mother of two children, Mary Southerland understands the challenges of motherhood. She offers eight principles that every woman can use to be a successful mom. This message will teach you how to:

  • Manage your emotional and physical health to create a stable home environment.
  • Develop the faith of your children and their thirst for God.
  • Discipline your child to create positive changes in their behavior.
  • Invest time in your children to nurture their sense of worth