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Are you a Women’s Ministry Director?

  • Do you need direction for your ministry or wisdom in your leadership role?
  • Do the women in your church need to be challenged to grow as disciples, step into leadership, or reach out to your community?
  • Does your leadership team need clarity and purpose for your ministry?
“I can’t think of any person I would rather have mentoring me than Mary Southerland.”
Sharon Jaynes

Sharon Jaynes – International Speaker and Author,
Co-Founder of Girlfriends in God

If I were building or sprucing up a women’s ministry, I can’t think of any person I would rather have mentoring me than Mary Southerland. Her wealth of knowledge combined with a listening ear and compassionate heart helps women’s ministry directors know that they are not alone. She helps diagnose what needs to be changed and then gives the tools to make it happen.

Shelly Arnold – Women’s Ministry Director, Next Steps Project Manager
Westside Family Church
Lenexa, Kansas

Mary Southerland has been a huge encouragement to me in my development as a women’s ministry leader. Years ago, Mary saw leadership abilities in me that I had yet to discover. She invited me to partner with her as she led the women’s ministry of Westside Family Church where her husband is the lead pastor – all the time encouraging, growing and developing me. When God led Mary to step out of her leadership role as the Women’s Ministry Director, she invited me to take her place. Mary continued to encourage and mentor me on a regular basis as I stepped into what was sometimes unknown territory. God has blessed me with having such an amazing friend, mentor, leader, and sister in Christ as I now lead the women’s ministry at Westside.

Mamie Rudisill – Women’s Ministry Director of Bethlehem Church, NC

As the new Women’s Ministry Director of our church, it is difficult to express how much I appreciate Mary Southerland and the value I place on her encouragement and advice. Mary is genuine and transparent, and immediately put me at ease when I first contacted her to speak for our largest event of the year. Mary’s knowledge and experience was obvious from our very first conversation – as was her passion for equipping women’s ministry leaders.

Mary’s support in my new leadership role in Women’s Ministry has been significant. She has taught me the importance of modeling leadership with humility and integrity. The fact that Mary offers practical and powerful wisdom based on years of experience as a Women’s Ministry Director is priceless to me. She knows what it takes to build a dynamic women’s ministry from the ground up … because she has done it.

Mary is the total package when it comes to women’s ministry. She is a gifted and dynamic speaker, cherishes her role as a pastor’s wife, and loves nothing more than to see other women in ministry succeed. I am blessed to call her my teacher and my friend.

“I appreciate Mary Southerland and the value I place on her encouragement and advice.”
Mamie Rudisill

Are you the wife of a Pastor?

It is such a unique role … and such a challenging role that can sometimes be overwhelming and lonely. It is my burning prayer that I can encourage you as a woman in ministry to celebrate God’s call on your life, to abandon yourself to His plan and embrace His purpose in a fresh, desperate obedience.

Rene Gilming – Wife of pastor at Bethlehem Church, NC

I have known Mary Southerland for over 18 years. We met when my husband was hired as a Worship Pastor at Flamingo Road Church where Mary’s husband was the lead pastor. I can never fully express the impact that Mary has had in my life as a pastor’s wife. She is the greatest, most influential, spiritual mentor I have ever had. She taught me how to love my husband and family better by being real and trusting God in every area of my life. Her authentic way of teaching God’s Word has changed my life and encouraged my spiritual walk with God. And having known her for so many years, I can attest to the fact that she lives what she “preaches.”

Mary is full of genuine wisdom for women, especially pastor’s wives and women’s ministry leaders. And best of all, Mary is my friend. That means a lot in today’s world. We all need godly friends in ministry, someone you can trust and share your heart with. As soon as you meet her, you will see how special she is. It makes me smile to think of someone new getting to spend time with Mary. What a blessing is in store for them!

“She is the greatest, most influential, spiritual mentor I have ever had.”
Rene Gilming

Do you need a friend?

Do you need encouragement from someone who has been where you are? I have struggled with clinical depression, infertility, the loss of both parents, sexual abuse, the challenge of raising a bipolar child who is now a thriving young mom and wife as well as one of my best friends. I was recently diagnosed with Scoliosis and know what it is like to live each day in chronic pain. I have been in ministry for over 30 years and am a pastor’s wife. I want to share what God has taught me. I want to encourage you and give you some practical tools to help you navigate your daily life.


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NOTE: Mary is not a trained counselor or psychologist. She is simply a woman with a wealth of life experiences who wants to share what God has taught her.