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Time: Friend or Foe – Bible Study, Download

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Time: Friend or Foe

Bible Study – Download Product

A lifetime is made up of one minute after another assigned to someone or something. To live the life we were created to live, we must learn how and where to assign our time. Life is not a marathon but a minute-by-minute process and choice. Don’t allow time to just slip away and don’t let anyone steal your time. “Time: Friend or Foe?” is a three-week-study that will teach you:

  • How to be more aware and in control of your time
  • Learn where and how to invest the time you have so that it counts the most
  • Identify and eliminate time thieves such as procrastination, worry and perfectionism

Bonus articles included:

  • Time-Savers
  • Beautiful Music … After the Rest
  • Bailing on God

Download this powerful study today! It is:

  • Presented in an attractive PDF format
  • Easy to download on your home computer
  • Perfect for personal and small group use
  • Ready to copy
  • Simple, practical and includes a helpful study guide
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